What the nationalist trend means for migration policy.

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 the far-right and nationalist parties proposing tougher measures to curb migration

One of the main reasons why some countries within EU decided to punish the main and the well known frontiers in the European politics. Most of these parties suffered after the 23-26 May, 2019 EU elections because of the ‘immigration endangers/immigrants fleeing in Europe’

Migration 27 May 2019
EU elections: What the nationalist trend means for migration policy
GENEVA Nikolaos Symeonidis/TNH
The EU elections brought large electoral gains Monday for a string of far-right and nationalist parties proposing tougher measures to curb migration, with Britain’s Brexit Party, Italy’s Lega Nord, Hungary’s Fidesz, and France’s National Rally all topping their respective polls.

But attitudes have been hardening ever since more than one million migrants and refugees arrived in Europe in 2015, and the rise of right-wing nationalist parties has already brought a raft of anti-immigration policies that have had far-reaching effects.

Here’s a collection of our recent coverage highlighting this trend, what those affected say, and how some groups are trying to help them:

Hungary condemned for using ‘starvation tactics’ to deter asylum seekers
UN alarmed over ‘alien policing procedures’ that systematically deny food to asylum seekers in holding areas on the Serbian border.

Sicilian volunteers help African LGBTI migrants hit by new Italian Law
LGBTI people fleeing persecution in their homelands have lost humanitarian protect status and associated integration services in Italy.

Refugee, volunteer, prisoner: Sarah Mardini and Europe’s hardening line on migration
Activists say anti-smuggling laws are being wielded against people who are trying to save lives.

Briefing: What’s behind talk of a ‘migratory crisis’ in Spain
NGOs and rescuers worry that politicians may be following the Italian model, as pre-election rhetoric becomes more hardline on immigration.

Spain immigration crisis continue

A “manufactured” Brexit migrant crisis masks new risks ahead
Over-reaction to a small rush of Iranian arrivals aside, Britain is in a mess over immigration and no one knows where things are heading.

New Italian law adds to unofficial clampdown on aid to asylum seekers
Thousands of new arrivals were already being cut from services, an IRIN investigation found, and the new measures will add some of the most vulnerable.

Bleak Bosnian winter for migrants camped out on new route to Europe
Winter housing is badly needed to stave off a humanitarian disaster on the Croatian border.

An open secret: Refugee pushbacks across the Turkey-Greece border
Rights groups say the shadowy practice violates international law and that the fate of those who are thwarted is largely unknown.

The issue raised by the far-right and nationalist parties in some part of the European continent has stressing and traumatising thousands of immigrants within Europe and sometimes without a proper accommodations or shelter and left in the tough and the harsh cold.

Welcome to refugee purgatory on the Hungary border
Migrants who attempt to sneak across Hungary’s heavily guarded border risk brutal beatings by Hungarian police.

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