The Royal outing together

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry married in May, when the former-actress became the Duchess of Sussex. Since the pair have lived close to Prince William and Kate Middleton, both 36. However, in past weeks there have been rumours of a Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle rift. Today a royal expert claimed Kate could find Christmas Day with the Royal Family an “ordeal” this year.

“Sandringham Christmases can be an ordeal, even for those born royal – and generally those who’ve married into the family often can’t wait to get away.

“As with many seasonal family gatherings, there can be undercurrents and the publicity over the Meghan clash won’t make things any easier between the girls.”

However, a body language expert has claimed it is “unfair to pick the bones of the theory that there are rifts between (Kate and Meghan).”

The expert analysed the last time the so-called Fab Four were seen together, on November 11.

Judi James told “Given that this was a formal occasion and given that the two couples are sporting some species of smile as they pose together it might seem unfair to pick the bones of the theory that there are rifts between them.”

However, she did note that a sense of “chill” could be detected in the royal’s body language on this occasion.

“They might be standing politely together here but it’s the apparent lack of tie-signs or the kind of active friendship signals that have always been such a feature of their normal displays in public that lends a slight chill to their body language here.

“The mirroring is intense in this pose, with all four standing straight-legged with the weight evenly balanced on both feet.”

Judi noted the four lacked “warmth” although this might be down to the solemn nature of the event, as it was Remembrance Day.

She said: “William’s part smile lacks warmth and Harry’s similar mouth shape is topped by a frown.

“In previous poses there would normally have been some active signs of camaraderie, both between the brothers or between Harry and Kate. They were normally chatty or performing subtle tie-signs but there is a lack of them here.”

Another image showed Kate and William leave the church ahead of Harry and Meghan.

Judi said: “With Kate and William walking ahead this pose appears to rely on royal protocol more than family bonds and warmth.

“William has slightly pursed lips here and Kate’s lips are even more tightly pursed, suggesting tension. Harry and Meghan walk behind rather than mingling and while Meghan wears a delightful but very slightly fixed smile Harry’s expression looks quite dour beside her.”