Christmas Is Big In Ellwangen Stadt in the Wuttemberg-Germany.

The big and the great moment is around the corner, the corners of the world. For about centuries; the world have been witnessing hundreds of faith and festivals within faiths.

Talking about festivals that are celebrating within faiths, Christmas is standing tall among all, with a spectacular explanations of when the festival began and why it’s being celebrating? There are dozens of answers in the scriptures ‘The Holy Bible’ and there are also scholars that have made their own researches to support, by helping to expand the ideology of Christians celebrating Christmas.

Though the teachings of celebrating Christmas is now, one of the controversial topics to dealt with in the world today even among some Christians, but the good news that makes this festival the most stunning is Christ, the King of the world and the Savior has been born. not only to the Jews but to the world. This isn’t amazing?

Whether he was born in December or not, just reading from the book of Mathew 1 which talks about the geneology of the Lord Jesus Christ will help us to know that there no mistake for celebrating Christmas and after, we are going to realised that we all fall under this generation, the generation of Jesus Christ. From Arabia, Persia, Europe, Africa, Asia, all fall into this because he is for the world and to save the world. To save the world which includes Ellwangen, a city in the Baden Wurttemberg state of Germany🇩🇪.

Christmas is big in this city, I can assured you that. From the very first week in November, you will feel the serious fever in this city than most part of the world that you ever thought of celebrating Christmas.


Christmas fever in Elkwangen

The center of the city of Ellwangen, which is the Ellwangen Fur Stadt from December 5th is very busy, business booming, parties hot in every corner of the city.

Special wooden structures are built to support the festival. Some of this structures are stores, restaurants.

Because Christmas is very big here from December, it is not easy for the stores and restaurants to contain the people there and the people coming there for holidays to celebrate in Ellwangen, that’s why kiosks which are the wooden structures are temporary build to support the Christmas festive.

The most amazing in Ellwangen Christmas is the activities, not only the businesses booming by selling Christmas products but, one of the most expensive entertainment in the world, which is live band, the band of jazz are free show there, at the most joints in the Stadt. It has been the tradition of the city for a while and it is indeed the best tradition.

Entertainment is the key🗝️ in Ellwangen. To entertain yourself in Germany🇩🇪during Christmas, is in the Ellwangen Fur Stadt ” the Christmas city”. It is beautiful and it is big! The colours, fashion, family reunion, gatherings, lights and decorations are fantastic in Ellwangen. Merry Christmas everybody!

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