How Melania Trump branded the most private first lady

Donald Trump spectacularly won the 2016 US election and, in January 2017, had been officially inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States. Moving with him to the White House was his wife Melania Trump, a Slovenian-American former fashion model turned First Lady. Donald married Melania in 2005, and the 48-year-old accompanied her husband during his 2016 election campaign around the country.

While a familiar face in the White House for over a year now, Melania Trump has still been branded the most “private” First Lady.

In ABC’s Documentary “Being Melania: The First Lady”, they stated how “Melania Trump is the most private First Lady we’ve seen in the modern era”.

They added: “In Washington, people really don’t know her like they know most First Ladies,” before referring to the former model as an “enigma”.

When asked to finish the sentence “Melania Trump is”, the First Lady replied: “Melania Trump is a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend, the First Lady, caring, compassionate, strong, independent, very detail oriented and staying true to herself.”

Melania and Donald Trump (Image: Getty)
While Melania insists she is enjoying her time as First Lady, she has admitted the lack of privacy is difficult.

When asked what the hardest thing about being First Lady is, she replied: “Sometimes it’s losing the privacy, you’re always under the microscope, and I can not freely move anymore.”

However, she went on to add: “I am enjoying it, it will not last forever, it’s a very special time.”

More recently, the mother-of-one has put herself out there more, launching the “Be Best” initiative to focus on cyberbullying.

Donald and Melania Trump (Image: Getty)
In the documentary, the President’s wife claimed she was one of the “most bullied people in the world”.

She explained: “People would not say it to my face, but they’re hiding behind keyboards, and that’s the danger. That’s why I’m focusing on social media for the next generation.

“Not everyone has a thick skin, and we have a big problem in the United States and across the world.”


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