Woman allegedly ‘raped for hours when undergone surgery at the service Hospital at Lahore, Pakistan

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The woman was allegedly raped at the Services Hospital in Lahore, Pakistan
She was admitted to the hospital Friday and underwent an eight-hour operation
After the procedure she said she realised she had been raped while unconscious
A Pakistani woman was allegedly ‘raped for hours’ during surgery for haemorrhoids at one of the country’s leading hospitals.

The 35-year-old woman was admitted at Services Hospital in Lahore on Friday where she underwent the procedure and was discharged later in the evening.

But after regaining consciousness following the surgery, the woman claimed she realised she had been assaulted and reported the matter to police.

The woman was allegedly raped while undergoing an eight-hour procedure at a hospital in Lahore, Pakistan (pictured)
A report filed by Lahore’s police contained a witness statement in which the woman claimed she was raped during the eight-hour operation.

‘I was admitted to the hospital for a surgery on November 24,’ the report read.

‘When I regained consciousness from the anesthesia that night, I realised I had been assaulted during the surgery.

‘It was an 8-hour-long operation but they discharged me from the hospital the same day,’ the woman told the police.