The glorious Accra hearts of OAK, the mighty and the mystical mysterious tree celebrated their 107th birthday. Accra Hearts Of Oak, the most popular GHANIAN club in football history, and one of the best in Africa. Hearts Of Oak SC was established since 11th November 1911, which made most football fans in Ghana now abbreviating their birthday to 11-11-11 which some people belive, it is a magical numbers, of blessings; the 11-11-11 stands for the day 11th of the 11th month of November and founded by 11 people.This is where the name triple eleven coming from. The glorious club belives in both spiritual and physical aspects of football, and due to this, they don’t joke with their colours which is the rainbow colours and whenever they are about to play and see the rainbow in the sky it means they are fortunate so they shouts and sing their favourite music which is the best football music you will ever heard of.

Arosed, Arised, are reasoned.

we are the famous Hearts Of Oak,

we never say die.

And definitely they will never say die whiles the rainbow is displaying in the skies and holding and waving their rainbow flags, it is amazing to watch the fans rather than the footballers. The amazing fans of Hearts Of Oak that are known as of the beautiful people with the beautiful colours. as people discribed them, even when they are down by 10-0 they will still win the match for their wonderful supporters who are known as the beautiful people with the beautiful colours. This spiritual belive has fovoured their club for more than decades. Whether you believe this or not, you can ask the lines of the Lobi Stars of Nigeria, AS Aviacao of Angola, the Esparance of Tunisia, ST. Georges of Ethiopia, etc. they will tell you all about the mystries of the Phobian spririt that can never be calling a joke but real.

From 1911 to this our modern age of million coming the fans of Accra Hearts Of Oaks were and still are, one of the best fans, not just in Ghana, not jus in Aafrica, but the whole wild world. The matter of fact, they are genius, talking about support.

The mighty Oak tree in the midst of the Phobian logo


Talking about tourism, not that i think, but I can boldly say the PHOBIAN support based can served as a great tourist access to their club and the entire nation of Ghana. Thousond of melodies and you will never get tired of listening to this fans, before an end of one match they will make it first by winning with their voices before the playing body wins with their foots, you will enjoyed the flying colours.


You heard, the entire club were in the church yesterday”Perez Chapel”. Don’t be suprised because this is not an astonish moment to the Phobians. ACCRA HEARTS OF OAKS are haven a strong spiritual backgrounds talking about football spiritual rituals, the fans calls it ways and means. And since the team was founded by the elven people, they have been practising this for a very long time. within their support bases, there are Cristians, Muslims, voudus etc. they sit in the same meeting grounds for their meetings, and before playing any of their match, all the groups and the various faiths perform or practising their believes to support their team. and they understand tolerance and respect. No matter the kind of belive one is haven, they all respect each others belives.

and if you can find one day and visit the meeting grounds of Hearts Of Oak as a tourist who want to know more spiritual aspects behind football  whether it works or not, why don’t you visit one of the best support base in football, in CHAPTER9 Kumasiand CHAPTER O in Accra to feel the harmony based on football supporting.


Accra Hearts Of Oaks is one of the few teams in the world that is more than 100 years and since founded, never  gone to relegation before, and now celebrating its 1007th birthday.

Hearts has won the premier league in Ghana for 20 times.

Trophy celebrations by both players and fans
The Kings of trophies

The FA cup a 10 times record

The president cup 2 times.

The African Confideration Cup 1.

The African Champions League 1.

Hearts OF Oak is the Ghanas most decorated club on the African continent,

And also, the most successful Ghanian club of all time,considering or intimes of trophies won in pre-independence Ghana.

It is Ghanas most supported club, not only on social media.

Real name: Accra Hearts Of Oak Supporting Club

Nickname: Phobia

Founded: 11th November 1911

Grounds: Accra Sports Stadium

Capacity: 40, 000

Chaiman: Togbe Afedzi XIV

Manager: Kim Grant

League: in the Ghana premier league.