The popular Ghanian musician; ‘to foreign nations’.

Ghana is one of the best, referring to the African music. Before the early 80’s Ghanian music was excelling well in some parts of the continent and it had influence on most African nations like Nigeria, Togo, ivory Coast which is and others. But those days  technology system was scarce and can’t be compared to this modern day technological world though, they still managed to succeeded on their own way. And and most of these musicians were very popular, not to be equalized to now music whiles the individual are haven sometimes producers and managers at the same time including other sub promoters bur still moat of this old musicians were able to reached the top with their music accross their nation and part of the continent.

During the era of the ex-president Jerry John Rawlings, things began turning down in the industry, not that there were any interference, intimidation or alleged of any harmed against the music industry or the individual in it; Just that most of this musicians were afraid as we all know about coup-detat. Whenever there’s coup in a nation many insane things normally happened even what no one ever thought of easily happened and innocent people that don’t even have anything to do with politics becomes victims and this was of the reason that made some of them escaped. Another reason was also the economic crisis so most of these Ghanian musician went outside the country to a country like Nigeria etc. and they really made it well there. Whenever such issue is raised looked at people like Abrantie Amakye Dede, the canados band led by Yaw Danso etc. Due to this, made the highlife very strong influencial on other countries in West Africa.

The Ghanian highlife are into three categories, which are;

#the old timers which is known in Ghana as adadaamu and this type of music had a lot of influence in the Nigerian local music which some Nigerians known it as agbada music and through this when listening to the adadaamu of Ghana and the agbada of Nigeria very well, you will know that there are some similarities in both the two old timers music.

Old timers
Akwasi Ampofo Adjei

Talking about the adadaamu highlife you can’t eliminate the hard work of this pioneers like Agya Koo Nimo, Nana Ampadu, Alex Konadu, Akwasi Ampofo Adjei and Dr. Paa Bobo, Agyemang Opambuor, canados band led by Yaw Danso which included Asebu Amanfi, Kwabena Akwaboa, Chales Osei Valdes and many other wonderful stars.

#The high life itself. You may be confused but don’t. This is the reason why I called this very one the highlife itself; it is through this very one that the name highlife delivered from, because of this highlife that’s why the old timers also became as highlife, it got to a time a what Ghana knew was highlife and this also did very including it stars like Paapa Yankson, CK Man, AB Crentsil, Gyadu Blay Ambuley, Obuorba J.A Adofo and others. I can tell you that this people are genius and great musicians most of this stars were all instrumentalists and some of them were even able to play more than one instruments.

#The burgers highlife which is the final highlife that came to exist. The originated of this highlife started from the overseas in Germany but more than something that began inland. Ghanians appreciated this music very well and still appreciating. This highlife also produced some great musicians of all time in the country. People like George Darko, Kwadwo Antwi, The Lumba brothers which are Nana Acheampong and Chales Kwadwo Fosu known as Daddy Lumba, the rambles band which including Rex Omar, Akosua Agyapong which Amandzeba Nat Brew were leading and many stars.

This kind of music was haven one of the fantastic music you can ever found with a combination of local and foreign rhythm but I can tell you that, this was a unique rhythm and now a days it will be very difficult to hear such rhythms and during those days almost into the 90’s and the early to the mid 90’s too the technology system was also functioning a bit and through that, it helped the music industry of those days somehow.

After all these highlives another music also came around, which is the hiplife music which is not near to all those Ghanian music I haved already mentioned but the astonished in this is that due to the technology system this new era of the Ghanian music are doing amazingly well. Though many people has a problem with this industry, by questioning their career as a musicians 90% of them knows nothing about instruments and it will be even for some of this current stars perform live, these are some issues that some people are haven with them; but they are also doing their and own thing and getting the resaults

When mention about hiplife we all remember Reggy Rockstone, Azigzag jnr. Lord Kenya,VIP, Nana King,Akatakyie, Akyeame, Nananom which included Sydney. Obrafuor, Tictac and Okomfuor Kwaadee etc. There more great artistes that are even coming now whiles hiplife is concern and still existing by growing stronger and stronger and the majority of young Ghanian are still welcoming and enjoying this kind of music is the most important and also a good news to the industry.

This is where Samini who was known as Batman came from. Recently there have been quiet a few invention that haved come out from this hipop. And now in the industry it seems dancehall has also come to stay.

But in all our news realised that there are people across the African continent that are listening to Ghanaian music very well, especially talking about dancehall music due to the mingle of the English language and Ghanian langauge but we normally hear the playing Shattawale’s music the most.   Because of that, dfkwebcasters entertainment news team went out and interviewed some Africans living in Germany, in two states this polls was held. In the state of the Baden Wurttemberg; in its cities like Stuttgard, Heidelberg, Karlsruhe, Aalen and Ellwangen. In the Bayern state; in its cities like Munich and Nunberg. We interviewed 221about the Ghanian artist they know and they listening people and some mentioned Sarkodie and some few artistes but the name that the majority were mentioning was Shattawale most especially the Gambians, Senegalese and the Nigerians. At the Gambian side it wasn’t surprised when they were mentioning Shattawale because dancehall and raggae. 112 people went in for Shattawale, next is 45 went in for Sarkodie, 20 for stone bwoy

. This made Shattawale a total winner in hands down.

So you see and now understood what branding is? This just shown to us that, there are many way for one to brand his or herself. Due all the controversies surrounding Shattawale it seems it is working for him very well, most especially at the side of the major African which is Nigerians in abroad. Most of this people are going to be complained about him but will still prefer to listening to his music; and not even his music they follow him a lot. That’s branding, this means if you want any Ghanian musician to sell your product for or use that person a brand that’s Shattawale because branding is all about what people will follow and invest in, not what people claimed to like but don’t follow.

dfkwebcasters. SHATTAWALE, the most popular Ghanian artist overseas, to the most African countries in Germany.