ABOUT DFKwebcasters.

Dig for knowledge webcasters started since 2011, this idea began in a Senior High Technical School in the Ashanti region which is in the northern part of Ghana and one of the busiest city in the country. It was started by Prince Kwame-medo Baidoo and had a lot of support from genius colleagues and some amazing and faithful tutors, as time goes on, due to the effort of this wonderful and dedicated people, the organisation became stronger and stronger. Though the organisation which is known as Dig For Knowledge Organisation is not yet a registered organisation but it is doing fantastic in the school where it was established. The idea of establishing this organisation was a straight forward one. It must be established that it is possible for Ghana and the entire African continent to reach to the top by developing our nations as any developed nation has done. Due to this, the organisation always motivates and gives hope and confidence to its members and other students, through talks with actions. Preach about peace that goes with tolerance and respect. This helped the institution, that is Gyaama Pensan Senior High Technical School, where DFK’s foundation stone was laid. It got to a point where about 90% of the  Students’ Representative Council (SRC) of the school were all  DFK members due to the excellent execution of fruitful programmes tailored to groom and harness the full potentials of the youth.

From 25 October 2011 that the organisation was launched the Ideal man behind this organisation realised that it will be very important for the organisation to move forward as our slogan says”it is not over untill it is over. Through this spirit led the organisation to planed about setting up a media, which will be sentenced on magazine ;but as it is, it wasn’t an easy task, so it became a failed plan. But Kwame-medo never gave up as it mentioned, it is not over until it is over. Way back, This vision and the spirit of it is not over is still working because he believes in what the Ghanaian and the African youth can do to change their various nations for us to withness the new Ghana, new Africa and the new world we are all expecting, and not just by talking but with actions. He believe, strong activism which includING the media is part of the success of nations. He started using the social media and again try to have the colleagues together and now here we are, given you a lot apart from this site we are also haven dfkwebcasters channels on youtube and facebook including a twitter blogging platform. Also dfk radio that you can listening to our recorded and as times going our live programmes on this website. We give all kinds of news, from Ghana and its entire African continent and the world. We’re ready to go to all masses. Masses of death and the masses of lives just to make the covered news uncovered and the untold news told. Thanks for being with us. You are our success and without, we have no one to tell. That’s why we’re asking for your support to be part of us to build the Africa and the world we’re looking forward to see. Help let’s promote peace, tolerance and respect respect.

You will find us in Germany at the GEORG-ELSER-STRASSE2, elwangen. And in Ghana too you will find us in thee Ashanti region at Ntonso Aboaso.  For more details and contacts you can check on our contact list.


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  1. A very good account of the history and spirit behind this noble organization. A well thought and chronologically presentation of the facts and figures about DFK. Good effort. Thumbs up.